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Yoni Code Retreat


When the primal urge to awaken the wild within you can no longer be suppressed, you must surrender to the call, and align with the truest expression of yourself!

April 25-29, 2024


yonr trip to

El Salvador

Come gather ceremoniously in the stunning indigenous landscape of El Salvador to reinvigorate ancient spiritual alliances, activate new sacred agreements for the life you desire, exchange critical knowledge of the sacred sciences of our ancestral mothers’ mysteries, and elevate toward a higher-vibrational and more conscious living. 


Here, you’ll voyage through voluptuous mountain scapes and edge the fiery volcanoes’ tops

as metaphor for self exploration, edging, and flowing inward towards your peaks and valleys



This retreat is for you if you desire to...

  • Learn the secret practices of feminine form energetics, self care, and sensuousness

  • Create rituals and rites that cultivate a more soft life every day

  • Create an orgasmic life

  • Stop energy chasing and instead learn how to call all your desires to you

  • Sustain a man’s worship of and commitment to you

  • Live in purpose and pleasure, accessing orgasms daily

  • Release shame around your cycle

  • Learn the Fertility Awareness Method that everyone is raving about 

  • Understand your hormonal changes and signs of imbalance for healing and optimal health

  • Gain the answers to questions you’ve had about ovulation and Conscious Conception

  • Trust yourself more by turning inward 

  • Attune to your power by dropping into your body wisdom

  • Unlock the deep wisdom and unique codes of your womb

  • Honor femininity as an embodied essence, rather than surface aesthetic

  • Cultivate your unique feminine magnetism through presence 

  • Detach from the draining masculine rhythm of the corporate workplace 

  • Shift towards entrepreneurship and feminine artistry

  • Enhance relationships through mindful connection and intentional intimacy

  • Increase comfort and ease, owning your sexual pleasure 


A Retreat to Remember

This retreat is a nourishing gateway for women ready to consistently experience healing, pleasure and full expression of your creative abilities. This occurs through permitting yourself to drop into your body in order to build your wisdom and intuition through sensuality, soma, and ritual grounding. More than simply an extended “vacation” or a tropical “Girl’s Trip,” this Sensuous in Summer retreat is your invitation to the most intimate, womb-centered, sensuous, and orgasmic REprogramming that exists!

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Hi, I’m Elena Lakay

Meet Your Hostess

Elena Lakay, your hostess and presiding Priestess, is curating this luscious experience based on a culmination of over 20 years of experience working with women. Her extensive clientele, including VIP and celebrity personages, consists largely of women whom she has helped cultivate confidence, creativity, conscious conception, and connection to the Earth. She’s achieved this through implementing integrated healing modalities with which her clients are able to make an intentional biological and psychological shift into somatic sensuousness. Her passion is teaching women to master the necessary balance of artfully flowing between their masculine and feminine aspects, while learning to de-program from the overdependence on the disruptive masculine-dominant rhythm of modern society that has for too long dangerously dysregulated the female nervous system.  


For too long, the Black woman has been romanticized and applauded for her silent, long-suffering resilience and self-martyring compromise. Women have become programmed to force and push their way to what they’ve been taught to want, rather than having the freedom to heal in their soft fluidity and magnetize her true desires. Women have been brainwashed into equating masculine forms of competitive success and insatiable masculine ambition with abundance, when in fact the ability to ground, witness, experience and absorb is what attracts true abundance. This lusciousness manifests from the realization that, by turning inward, she finds she already has everything she desires, as her desires are already aligned according to the purity of her intentional ability to rest and receive!

The perception of femininity has been limited in modernity to a mere trendy beauty aesthetic.

Coaches have deceived women into believing femininity is a “seduction strategy” and a melange of sexual techniques. Women have been unable to magnetize truly aligned and elevated Divine Consorts because their decision-making is still based in a “chase-hunt” type of masculine-driven strategy and clouded by pain and fears of the past. 


Collectively, we’ve been misled by being taught “The Law Of Attraction” is about the power of the mind– Elena teaches women that the key to true feminine magnetism is in the alignment of embodiment. Elena’s divine alchemy is in allowing sensorial experience in the body to create memory, activating the wisdom with which the heart, womb, and soul emits the frequency of abundance that invites what you deserve through intentional consent, the power of choosing through activating your Authentic No and Ecstatic Yes! Elena’s gift is guiding women to rewrite the stories of their lives, shifting paradigms and healing lineages by encoding them with the magically feminine ability to use the body to make informed choices for crafting amazing lives they are empowered in, blissfully.

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The details

What to expect

In this ancestral landscape, the wild calls you to reclaim your birthright as you bathe your Naked body in spiritual song and artistry! Manifest bliss, fertility, and abundance within the world of your womb, and unleash your personal feminine form & embodied awareness. 


Through this week long Rite of Passage, you will receive:

Opening Ceremony that includes a softening and affirming naming rite to Presence yourself

Sunrise Cliff Hike foraging for Earth elements 

Sacred Womb Geometry transmissions and cervical portal exploration 

Guided Orgasmic yoni meditation

Goddess Adornment and Sister mirroring

Softening Hot Springs

Cosmic Moon baptismal

Conscious Conception Ceremony

Sensuous Soma Circle and devotional

Cacao Healing Ceremony & Sensorium with Sound Healing

Horseback riding through jungle hills and stunning sunset rides beachside

Sacred Womb Capsule

Blood Initiation Ceremony with spiraling womb dance

Secret Sacral Crafting workshop

…and so much more to be revealed! 

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Day 1

After check-in, explore & experience the Mystery of this sacred space. Begin to activate your senses & sensuousness through somatic massage and indulging in the vibrations of the land's lushness, its familiars, totems, and its nature guides. 

During this Initiation Gateway, you will:

  • Learn yoni anatomy/physiology, hormonal ecology, cycle mapping to identify fertile window and accurately determine ovulation for conscious conception OR to enjoy passionate lovemaking if wishing to conceive at a later time

  • Experience womb activation through meditative heart opening exercises

  • Reclaim body sovereignty via sensuous somatic release 

  • Embrace the beauty of your wild, wise feminine anatomy learning sacred womb geometry

  • Be awed by the glory of your divine cervical portal through witnessing a live Goddess model

  • Rewrite your Blood Story and create new blood rites affirming beauty in your Moon

  • ReWild yourself and re-awaken ancestral mother memory in a luxurious and potent indigenous jungle

  • Detach from technological disturbances to hear, process, and honor your authentic “Yes!”

  • Experience devotion and reverence of yourself as Goddess 

  • Re-orient yourself in the Power of Consent in a safe, sensorial Soma circle of BIPOC Sisters

  • Create trauma-free community with BIPOC Sisters as your radiant mirror

  • Indulge in potent natural detoxes in a natural negative ion salt pool vortex where ancestral land meets sea 

  • Nourish your wild Inner Child during jungle exploration and an immersive hill climb with nature guides

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RIC03271 (1).jpg

Registration includes:

  • Six nights of luxury in your choice of retreat suite, oceanside bungalow, or jungle tree house

  • Personal concierge and roundtrip individual airport shuttle transportation

  • Your choice of Organic, award-winning meals (including a snack upon your arrival) and nourishing, detoxing non-alcoholic drinks served to you by elegant wait staff

  • 3 personal meals a day of your choosing a la carte direct from Mizata’s gourmet menu

  • Unlimited access to pristine, filtered water, enhancing sacred activation

  • Unlimited horseback riding

  • Complimentary massage therapy

  • Excursions to water falls, jungle hike, natural ocean salt pool, local cacao and sound healing ceremonies

  • Special custom gift offering for each Sister 

  • Itinerary 30 days from retreat with list of suggested and required item list 

  • Sister Group Chat link via Signal

  • Access to Elena’s exclusive workshops, rituals, and rites in addition to the scheduled itinerary

Registration does not include:

  • Gratuity for meals and wait-staff services

  • Meals and beverages in addition to the complimentary 3 choice meals

  • Merchandise available for purchase during the retreat

  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended)

  • Health Insurance (strongly recommend)

  • Additional days for rest, experiences, or Sacred Body Therapy that are requested ahead of or following the retreat's scheduled itinerary (upon arrival or before departure), must be coordinated in advance. Please ask for more information and our concierge will provide accommodation options.


  • Non refundable deposit 

  • If on payment plan, final payment due June 20th.

  • Complete intake and registration information 

  • Complete confidentiality agreement

  • Complete release of liability

  • Complete non compete form 

  • Complete media release form 

  • Emergency contact form

  • Activity Consent form

*forms available upon checkout

Protecting the Sisterhood & Mystery

The staff of the host site are aware of the sacred intention of our gathering, and are aligned in serving, providing compassionate private concierge services, spacious and comfortable housing accommodations, as well as delicious and aesthetically sumptuous food fit for the Goddesses you are. The itinerary incorporates yoga, rituals and ceremony to align the body, mind and spirit of each woman. Through workshops on sex, the throat chakra, flexibility and other aspects of women’s holistic living, participants dive deep into relationships with themselves. Each woman is being guided from foundational understandings of the Sacred Science of their bodies all the way to divining with blood elixirs of their sacred wombs. 


Elena Lakay affirms emphatically: “We want women to form deeper connections with their bodies so they can make more informed decisions that allow them to feel free. We want women to feel that they are the ones leading their journey toward living their best lives!”

If your entire being is shouting an ecstatic YES, click below to lock in your reservation today!



If you need help getting started, click here

and we will guide you from start to finish.


If you feel comfortable with automated payments,

select your room and proceed below. 

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Retreat Suite: $2954

*Price per person (incl. Tax, excl. tips)

Ask how you can bundle the Yoni Code 2023 Mentorship with the Sensuous in Summer Initiation

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