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Women have always demonstrated the power to mold and shape the world-- it is now women are safe and empowered to do so openly and ecstatically.


Reproductive Health, Fertility Awareness & Natural Contraception

You deserve the confidence to make the best decisions for your sexual and reproductive health. Learn how to observe your unique biomarkers to gather womb intelligence that will help you to achieve your goals. You can truly have it all -whether you desire to master your hormone ecology for more balanced cycles, trying-to-conceive, or prefer to prevent pregnancies. 

Some Key Topics covered are:

  • Fertility Awareness Method

  • Full Spectrum Birth

  • Trying To Conceive (TTC)

  • Natural and Emergency Contraception

  • Menarche Rites of Passage

  • Birth and Post-Partum 

  • Cycle Synching

Intimacy & Relationship Deepening 

Desire is not limited to sexual passion, lust, or longing. Desire is the state of being, wherein an empowered and embodied woman attracts and aligns with the sacred unity of self. External manifestation or attraction of sexual union is a reflection of one’s wholeness within, from which all manner of creativity and expression flows. Through our Coaching and Yoni Code (tm) course, you are provided a nourishing gateway for women who are ready to consistently experience healing, pleasure and the full expression of their creative abilities.


Some Key Topics covered are:

  • Personal Intimacy and Love

  • Orgasmic Living

  • Relationship Coaching (for women, men, & couples)

  • Deepening Stages of Relationships

  • Relationship Transitions (beginnings/endings)  

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Sacred Womb & Body Healing/Cleanse

Every woman is capable of actualizing anything that she imagines and believes in. Her creativity is her ability to translate her desires and goals and desires from the Unseen to the Seen, manifesting satisfying real-world stimulation. Through modalities of ReWilding, you naturally purge societally imposed programs that no longer serve your Bliss. In this way, you learn to to untether yourself from repressed traumas, to freely flow within.

Some Key Topics covered are:

  • Preconception

  • Common Womb Imbalances

  • TTC or told you're at risk for pregnancy complications

  • Divine Feminine Makeover

  • Your Yoni Glow-Up

  • Rebirthing Yourself

  • Intentional Healing & Regeneration

Here are the benefits of us working together

3-Month Package- $5500

For those looking to jump start a more intimate journey to re-membering your Authentic, Ecstatic self, this immersive initiation is condensed over a short time to give you the confidence to own your goals in a truly self-paced container. 

Designed for spaciousness along your journey, this package is offered for those who need more time and gentle prompting in your self discovery.

For this truly dynamic work to full transformation, our Premium package allows us a broader scope in a fuller container in which, like your personal Chrysalis, I will continually hold your hand as, shoulder to shoulder, we traverse the Path through which you will discover the magnificent Butterfly you've turned into while incubating in this warm embrace of fine-tuned personal guidance.


I am happy to offer custom in depth coaching packages of 3, 6, and 9 month containers. I offer my time and a more intimate personalised space for those of you seeking to do much deeper Inner Work on your journey.


This is ideal for Seekers who may be:

  • entering a new relationship

  • recovering from a major life transition 

  • healing from a breakup

  • reinventing oneself

  • celebrating a Rite of Passage or milestone of life

  • restoration after illness or trauma

  • chronic hormonal imbalances

  • Trying To Conceive (TTC)

  • moving into a new home

  • starting a family

  • ...and other reasons to Grow and Glow!

I've got the secrets you need to
claim the life you desire

Let me help you access the path to your Bodily Autonomy and the tools to overcome the confusion, so you can revel in your best life like the Goddess you are!

Through my Signature Coaching, Course, and Community, you'll have all the support you need to finally 


Confidence about your reproductive health

Blissfully balanced hormonal responses

Control & clarity concerning your fertility

Authentic & complete Trust of your body 

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Healing a Woman 
Heals a Nation

Let us join in Empowering Women and Elevating the Divine Feminine in all of us through our Rites of self reverence!

Thank you so much for dancing with us on this Sacred Journey, Sacred Woman.

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

Live your Bliss Today!

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