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Courage to Love

You deserve to be paired with the one that is best for you! Courage to Love helps you connect. 

Are you tired of modern day dating? Let's dig deep, get intimate and break the toxic cycles of modern day love. 


Do you feel like you are in an endless LOVE CYCLE … ? 


What if you could learn the secrets of love…  

  • How do you know you’re IN Love? 

  • How do you know it is the END of your love? 

  • Are you having the SAME relationships with DIFFERENT people?

  • How do you recover from failed love?

Who should take Courage To Love:

  • Singles Seeking Authentic Connections:
    Individuals who prioritize authentic and deep connections in their search for a life partner.

  • Spiritually-Inclined Singles:
    Those who value spirituality and are looking for a partner with similar beliefs or values.

  • Open-Minded Daters:
    People who are open to alternative and intuitive methods of matchmaking beyond traditional approaches.

  • Busy Professionals:
    Career-oriented individuals who may not have the time to navigate traditional dating platforms and are seeking a more personalized matchmaking service.

  • Individuals Starting Anew:
    Individuals who have experienced significant life changes, such as divorce, and are ready for new, meaningful relationships.

  • Mindful Daters:
    Individuals who approach dating with mindfulness, seeking emotional intelligence, and compatibility.

  • Holistic Lifestyle Advocates:
    Those who appreciate a holistic and intuitive approach to various aspects of life, including relationships.

  • Curious Explorers:
    Individuals who are open to exploring unconventional methods of matchmaking and are curious about intuitive connections.

7 Secrets Every Woman Should Know

In a world that often tries to define femininity, it's crucial for every woman to embrace her true essence. From the depths of sensuality to the intricacies of hormonal ecology, understanding these seven secrets will empower women to celebrate their uniqueness and navigate life with confidence.


Some Key Topics covered are:

  • Introduction

  • You are Sensuous (sacred body scan meditation)

  • You are Water (WAP)-Exploration of the science of feminine waters

  • You are the change you want to see (hormonal ecology)

  • You are an anomaly (3 reasons you should love your body know matter what)

  • You speak spells (finding your authentic voice) The universe listens, when you speak

  • You are the only you (20 factors that make you unique from any other woman )

  • You are the epitome of pleasure


let's connect

Healing People
Heals a Nation

Let us join in Empowering Women and Elevating the Divine Feminine in all of us through our Rites of self-reverence!

Thank you so much for dancing with us on this Sacred Journey,

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

Live your Bliss Today!

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