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A sacred feminine immersion where Womb Science Meets Spirituality and The Sensuous Art of Self-Discovery

August 19-24, 2024


Your Sacred Journey to


Step onto the rose petalled path and enter The Garden of the Goddess. Immerse yourself in the ethereal waters of womb inundation and embark upon an embodied journey of eros and revelation as you rewrite the narratives of your womb's holy blood, no matter what phase of life you are in. 


You are invited to our most intimate co-created circle ever.

As a small, intimate group, enveloped in love and the grace of the Divine, we will spend 5 days and 4 nights devoted to understanding the nectar of our wombs as we explore the mystical portal of our own unique yoni anatomy and ecology. Through a series of transformative lessons and experiences, you will be gently guided on a path to demystify the secret yoni mysteries and unveil the symbiotic relationship between your inner landscape and the world around you.


Through this journey

  • Begin Mastering Your Bodies Cycles
    through Charting & Tracking 


  • Implement practices and rituals to
    honor and help ease all of the transitions of womanhood


  • Gain confidence and the power to
    reshape your stories and attune to your
    feminine signals


  • Build a foundation for self-mastery,
    authenticity, and meaningful connections

  • Demystify the secrets of your Yoni portal
    and cervical transformation zones
    to activate sensuous embodiment and
    deeper connections.


  • Honor Your Body as Sacred

  • Discover your inner magnetic compass 

  • Forge authentic connections with yourself
    and others while cultivating deeper
    relationships, intimacy, and a profound
    sense of self-love.


An immersion to Remember

Join us on this sacred journey of self-mastery and empowerment, where every moment is an opportunity to embrace your true essence and awaken the Wisdom of the Goddess within.

Unlock the ancient wisdom and feminine medicine that lies within

Within this sacred container, allow yourself to be enveloped by the intricate neurobiological spirals of your womb. It is here, under the guidance of Elena Lakay and Aja “Sole” Shah, both highly trained “Mother Priestesses”, that you will be supported to unravel the delicate layers of your womb's destiny.



Meet Your

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Elena Lakay

Aja "Sole" Shah

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Ms Sole.png

Elena Lakay, Clinical Sexologist, Relationship Strategist & Reproductive Health Specialist. Elena offers a sacred journey where feminine wisdom unfolds and blossoms under her nurturing guidance.  She is a pioneer in women’s wellness, with over 30 years of expertise in holistic health, movement, intimacy, cyclical living, plant medicine, re-mothering, and all the seasons of reproductive health from the first bleed and fertility, through birth, postpartum, perimenopause, and beyond. 

At the heart of Elena’s mission is a profound dedication to empowering women to embrace their authentic feminine potential. As the founder of Bodeology, LLC, Elena champions the understanding of women’s bio rhythms, guiding them towards increased and self-discovery.


Her approach integrates Sacred Body Therapies and Movement, Seasonal Womb Syncing, Somatic Inquiry, Hormone Ecology, and Conscious Conception/and fostering deep transformations in women’s lives through Rewilding and reimagining.

Through personalized consulting and educational sessions, Elena illuminates the path to heightened self-care, body literacy and activation decided by personal yoni intelligence—the sacred feminine essence within every woman. Her teachings redefine wellness by nurturing connection with one’s body, womb, and menstrual cycles, empowering women to reclaim their innate birthright.

Aja "Solé" Shah is the temple guide of the Goddess Temple of Love and the creatrix of Devi Tribe Wellness. She is a Billboard Award winning Hip Hop artist who left the mainstream music industry in the early 2000's to embark upon a spiritual journey.


She is dedicated to raising the vibration of love on the planet through awakening the Goddess within every woman. She is a trusted, loving and highly skilled Priestess and guide for many.


Solé is an initiated Sadhaka of Shakta Tantra and Sri Vidya in the Natha Sampradaya of the Kaulachara Dattatreya Tradition, as well as a 500 hr. Certified Bhakti Nova Hatha Yoga Teacher, 300 hr.


Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, 250 hr. Certified Mystical Dance Teacher, Sound Healer, Kemetic Yoga Practitioner, Womb Sauna Practitioner trained in Pelvic Floor Yoga Asana, Reiki Practitioner, Black Belt in Kung Fu, Clinical Herbalist, Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner, Belly Dancer, Odissi Dancer, Birth Doula, Inner Shakti Pre Natal Yoga Teacher, Red Tent Facilitator, Taoist Jade Temple Initiate, Oracle and Ordained Priestess. In addition, she has a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

"We lovingly invite you to step onto the rose petalled path with us, dripping with the nectar of delight, and enter The Garden of the Goddess. Guided by the orgasmic wisdom and compassionate teachings of Elena Lakay and Aja “Sole” Shah, immerse yourself in a waterfall of womb inundation and eros, as Sacred Science, Spirituality and Embodied Inquiries intertwine to bloom the delicate mysteries of your unique Yoni anatomy, ecology, and the mesmerizing Neurobiological Spiral Dance of the Womb."


Every teaching and embodied practice has been lovingly curated and filtered through a deep feminine lens, designed to awaken your curiosity, sensuousness and intuitive embodiment while deepening your own body literacy, sovereignty and freedom on every level.



Exceeding your

Our days will spent immersed in the wisdom of 

Sacred Feminine Form Medicine teachings through which you will receive:

Womb Wisdom Teachings

Guided Somatic Inquiries

Anatomy, Physiology & Hormone Ecology

The Science of the Cervix Portal & Her Many Waters

Mastery of the Cycle Through Charting & Observation 

Feminine Form Yogini Yoga Practices

Traditional Tantric Practices & Rituals

Sacred Arts, Sensual Dance …. and MORE!!!

Butterfly Gardens, Florida Springs, Earth Wombs &

Oceanic Ceremony

Through a melodic symphony of bountiful transmissions, the depths of your inner garden will slowly unveil the panacea that underpins your deep feminine essence and existence!



Medicinal herbs and tinctures alternative medicine. Selective focus. Nature..jpg



  • Advance Itinerary & Personal Preparation Guidance

  • All Sessions, Workshops and Practices

  • Shared Accommodations (5 days, 4 nights)

  • Ground Transportation from Local Airports (Gainesville, Orlando)

  • Daily Nourishing Meals (all meals provided except for lunch & dinner during beach day)

  • Welcome Gifts

  • Airfare to Gainesville, Florida

  • Health Insurance (highly recommended)

  • Travel Insurance (highly recommended)

  • Deposits are non refundable

  • Non refundable deposit 

  • If on payment plan, final payment due August 1

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  • Complete intake and registration information 

  • Complete confidentiality agreement

  • Complete release of liability

  • Complete non compete form 

  • Complete media release form 

  • Emergency contact form

  • Activity Consent form


More On

During this intimate immersion, you will soften into the “Pearl of the South,” A beautiful Victorian home in the heart of the bed and breakfast district of downtown historic Gainesville,Fl.

There are a total of 4 shared rooms upstairs w/ a shared bathroom. 1 private room in the entry level of the house, and a private charming cottage that can accommodate 1-2 sisters; extra beds in rooms are available upon request. 

Very Important To Note: This is an intimate teaching immersion unlike international retreats we have hosted previously; we are limited to 10 women in the house. We also have a beautiful sister/partner Bed & Breakfast in close proximity (a couple doors down) that will host a limited number of sisters for overflow from the main retreat house and for those who would like personal accommodations (this is booked separately), Please contact us via  email at for special pricing.


Pearl of The South

If Driving or Flying into the

  • Arrive in Gainesville Regional Airport (5 min drive to location), Jacksonville International Airport (1 hour 30 min drive to location) or Orlando Internal Airport (2 hour drive to location)

  • Parking is available for those who wish to drive to Gainesville, Florida and the exact address will be provided upon registration

ways to pay



Follow the Rose Petalled Path into The Garden of the Goddess, where the magic and wisdom of your own inner terrain will blossom like a flower drenched in the sun, dripping nectar for your own inner delight.

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