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Sisters ReWilding

Sacred Circle

There is power when Sisters gather.

You are the Key to our Vision, Divine Black Women! 

The Sacred Sister Circle (SSC), is a communion of multi-dynamic togetherness; a safe container for us to connect virtually from all over the world; to be intentional about holding space for one another to unpack our "ish," decolonize everything, realign, and vibrate fully through a share of energy between us all.


I believe that each one of us is born with gifts and a purpose that we spend our entire lives exploring, defining, and realizing as we transform into our highest selves. By creating this Sacred Sister Circle, we bind a tribe to inspire optimal balance from within, for an optimal life experience around us.

The divine timing for us to come together is NOW!

Here, we will explore the ways in which to expand our wholeness by shining a light on how to fully nourish ourselves, how to heal, and how to grow through self exploration. We will start this series, one Sunday every month and integrate the practices of body movement, mindfulness and meditation, sensuality, energy work, herbs as medicine, womb wellness, artistry, oral traditions/inspirations, journaling, sacred ceremonies and so much more. I know our world is chaotic right now - So, If you’ve been trying to create protected time for “self,” without any success yet, you can go ahead, right now, and close your eyes. Rest one hand on your heart, and the other hand on your womb. Take a deep breath and inhale for a slow 1-2-3-4, and then take a deep breath and exhale slowly for 1-2-3-4! You have arrived sis! You have arrived!

Sacred Gathering heals the Village

Intentionality is Key

Our Mission, Vision, and Intention is about the Legacy of Black Women, Black Children, and Black communities. YOU are the most important component of this passion and purpose, as we empower, educate and encourage you concerning:

  • Connecting to you inner body wisdom 

  • Having the tools and educational resources to make informed decisions about your body

  • Confidently setting your own standards for consent, boundaries, and exploration without fear of judgment

  • Connecting to community through our collective to share ideas, goals, and expertise

  • Releasing yourselves from ideals that no longer serve you or your health and happiness

  • Unlocking your sensuality to experience life in its full capacity 

  • Reimagining your lives by accessing your creative energy, sexuality, divine feminine power

  • Wealth building & economic sustainability

What we offer:

  • Safe spaces for women to gather both virtually and in person

  • Educational workshops, resources, and self mastery/certification programs including:

    • Body Movement through Yoga Asana and Dance

    • Sexual & Reproductive Health Education 

    • Best Wellness Practices for optimal living

    • Holistic and Natural Healing Modalities

    • Wealth Building and Manifesting

    • Guided Meditation  & Breath

    • Body Cleansing & Detoxification 

    • Natural Fertility

    • Conscious Conception

    • Conscious Contraception

    • Body Confidence

    • Journal 

    • Fertility Charting

    • Natural Hormonal Health 

  • Practices rooted in body positivity taught through collective activities and challenges

  • Holistic retreats in ancestral and indigenous locations where the symbiotic relationship between woman and nature is reunited

  • Grassroots connecting and aligning through our "Sex, Love, & Cycles 2023" Pop-Up City Tour Retreats

  • Virtual guest lectures, activities, and workshops

  • Creating an open network for women to initiate and share life experiences and professional advisement

What you came for...

Leopard Beach 6_edited.jpg

Thank you for joining us, Goddess Rising! 

So here's to new developments!

What's Changed

We are adding a private membership portal where you can find:

  • Guest lectures

  • Workshops

  • Courses

  • Archived sessions/Q&As

  • Articles, Essays, and Research

We will also host a database of subject matter experts’ presentations, writings, lectures  and archived live session Q&A's on a spectrum of topics rooted in sex, wealth building, reproductive health, conscious contraception, etc.

Want to lead Circle?

Members are invited to apply here as Circle Leaders who will have opportunities to host and/or co-host exclusive Members-Only events in their cities. All of our Sisters in this Sacred Society have gifts to share and skills to offer that are fruitful for us all.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

In this Circle we celebrate, rather than compete, with each other. Complete this form to see how you can share with our growing network, we give you all a platform to offer and partake in each other's products, services, skills, artistry, and knowledge. 

You are part of a gorgeous web of intricately interconnected Sisters with a voice, willing to share and steward your gifts and skills in support of each other.

Your Body,
Your Bodeology(tm)

Woman having conversation together - 1280x854.jpg

In here, Love begins....

“I learned then that it is more fulfilling to live one's life within a circle of love, interacting with loved ones to whom we are committed.”

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