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Introducing the Love Mastery Series — a transformative 3-class experience designed to empower you to conquer your personal fears surrounding love, intimacy, and the deep desire to be truly seen and heard. This course is crafted for those who are poised for a powerful comeback after navigating the challenges of heartbreak and betrayal. Join us on this journey to rediscover love, heal, and thrive.

Are You Tired Of Modern-Day Dating?

Let's dig deep, get intimate and break the toxic cycles of modern-day love.

Is This You?

  • Module 1: “Body Literacy and Womb Intelligence”
    Baptize yourself in this comprehensive and intimate initiation to your Cervical environment as a Rite of Passage. The objectives for this module include you learning to gauge and interpret your womb health along your monthly cycle, understanding Fertility Awareness as “the 5th Vital sign” according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. During this Module, you'll become an expert of your body through observing, recording, and interpreting the physical signs of your personal fertility and vitality. Key Points: Fertility Awareness Method Sympto-Thermal Method Research studies: SensiPlan STM Observation of cervix, changes in cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and cervical position Understanding of your Fertility Wave Arousal Mapping Feminine reproductive health Anatomy & Physiology Hormone Ecology and Sexual Chemistry Natural Contraception Body literacy Libido nourishing nutrition
  • Module 2: “ReWilding and ReClaiming Divine Femininity” + (Sensuous in Summer Rewilding Intensive Retreat at additional cost)
    This module is all about the feminine urge to destroy to create! Revel in the delicious chaos of ReWilding! Here, you'll deconstruct and reconstruct your beliefs, perceptions, values, and ideals to live your life the way you want, while maintaining your mindfulness, sensuality, and expectant openness. Reconnect with your body and Shadow to embrace your unique beauty, walk in your authentic Ecstatic "Yes!", And magnetise aligned relationships. Through the teachings of this module, you'll discover Cycle Synching reveals to you who you are and who you need to be to attract ideal relationships. Activate your superpowers to quite literally design opportunities for success in your life, because Divine timing is in YOUR control! Key Points Ovulatory Cycle synching Examine the changing industry of obstetrics to contextualise the ongoing patriarchal battle against our bodies and our choices ReWilding and Unlearning: discover your unique flow in attunement with the seasons of Earth and the movements of the Moon and stars in order to align yourself with your deepest desires Your Womb is your unique Body Almanac with which you can design your Ideal kind of life according to your hormonal flow Embodying Goddess Archetypes according to your Cycle Stages
  • Module 3: “Orgasmic Living and Embodied Sensuousness”
    Now you're an expert of your Body, Master of your Fertility, and your own Cycle Scientist: now make it mean something! How do we sustain our Feminine Power and honor our Womb Wisdom in practical, everyday application? Here in this Module you'llget in tune with your womb energetics, using your physical fertility and embodied sensuality to magnetise and harmonise satisfying relationships. We teach you how to sync your life (including your professional and personal development) with that natural rhythm of your cycle, and reprogram your Bodeology code to a place where you are finally comfortable and energetically aligned with how you've manifested your peace, pleasure, and a worthy partner/consort. Key Points: Designing and re-imagining your concept of your ideal life to reflect YOUR truth Honor your Womb connection to Water and it's healing properties Mastering the hormonal physiology of Love and Loss to navigate relationship conflicts and reconciliations Embrace your womb’s Power to create Abundance Learn about the power of Polarity in Divine Feminine and Masculine Consortship Discover your CET and peak erotic moments and how your sexual desires reflect unfinished emotional business Cultivate your Orgasmic potential to increase your wealth Create devotional intimate rituals to maintain balance, reciprocity, and Passion in your love life! Examine Consent Culture and enhance communication in relationships with the Wheel of Consent Discover herbal allies and plant adaptogens to detoxify, balance,
  • Do you feel like you are in an endless LOVE CYCLE

  • What if you could learn the secrets of love…

  • How do you know you’re IN Love?

  • How do you know it is the END of your love?

  • Are you having the SAME relationships with DIFFERENT people?

  • How do you recover from failed love?

Here's The Breakdown:

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