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Hey loves!

I'm Elena Lakay

Clinical Sexologist | Reproductive Health Specialist
Specializing In Orgasmic Living & Embodiment  

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Meet the coach who is helping women across the globe reclaim agency, love, and bliss. 

Hi, I am Elena Lakay, and I'm here to shake up everything you thought you knew about your feminine cycle. Transforming women into their best selves is what I do best, working my magick in Sacred Movement, Fitness, Holistic Intimacy, Reproductive Health and Birth Education for over 30 years. I am a Moon Child, Mermaid, and Lioness– I belong to elements, embodying Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. I am God’s Sister to the Sun, as well as the Garden it shines upon. I am also your reflection, Sister, as you too are all of these.  


 My passion for Bodeology (™) is fueled by my joy in activating and awakening the most confident and authentically feminine Goddess in every woman. Entering my custom container– a Great Work spanning over 20 years I've worked to create it– you will have access to my personal story and the stories of real women who reflect your experiences and resonate with your struggles. Together we create a Butterfly Effect that transforms the entire Feminine Collective as we stand, laughing ecstatically, hands entwined, dripping with Blood and Nectar.

My passion is to help you realize your inner sanctuary that holds the mysteries residing in the sea of your body, womb and menstrual cycles. By entering this portal of yoni intelligence, you will alchemize your most authentic you. You will surrender consciously towards self-reverence, love, and intimacy to manifest your most profound life.


Initiating Women to the Magic of their Wombspace; Encouraging Women to courageously embrace their glorious bodies; Blissful Divine Masculine/Feminine Union; Intimacy grounded in prioritizing feminine pleasure; Affirming women’s right to express, claim, and demand pleasure in all aspects of life; Orgasmic Childbirth; Sex, Abundance, Resources; Conscious Contraception; Ecstatic Fertility; Bodily Intelligence and Bodily Autonomy; Women freeing themselves from masculine systems of thought and business.


A continuum of reproductive health injustice to the lives of BIPOC women around the globe; A society that limits the creative essence of femininity through subtle and overt forms of racial oppression and sexual suppression; The lack of informed consent in the patient-physician dynamic; Disparities in the quality and quantity of resources for emergency or medical care based on racial inequity; Intentional or implicit bias and bodily harm to Black and Brown Wombs due to unnecessary invasive and experimental procedures; Consent Culture (or lack thereof); Patriarchal policing of the Womb Collective.

What I believe

Fun Facts about Me

I'm a Yummy Mommy

An Empowered and Awakened Mother Goddess for more than 30 years, I deliciously revel in the blessing that I have children that are College-aged professionals, as well as my Youngest Son who is currently in K-5, proof that the Patriarchal Lie of the "Biological Clock" you've been haunted by doesn't hold water (pun intended). 

My Womb is my Playground

I wake up to genuine orgasms daily, and I love playfully exploring and examining my Cervical Fluids-- as you, too, will learn to love your Nectars just as ecstatically once I demystify the secrets of your Bodeology(tm). 

I am a Rebel (and a Mermaid!)

 The secrets and science I am sharing with you cost me dearly, taking years of exploring Behind the Veil to retrieve our ancestral medicine and combat the systemic erasure of Black Women. A real-life Mermaid (I Am!), allow me to take your hand and guide you beneath the gentle waters of Our Mothers' Mysteries to reclaim (Y)Our Pleasure and Power, Womb Intelligence, and Bodily Autonomy. 

Your Body,
Your Bodeology(tm)

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ready to get started

See why I'm your favorite go to for education and coaching on sex, love, and cycles

My work is dedicated to every Black, Indigenous Woman of Color. Every mother, daughter, niece, aunt, sister and best friend. To all the womb bearers! To all of you who have bled through each garden of every life and death cycle. For all of those with stories of the womb! Ase'

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